MEF Special Advisors


Gerrit Jan (GJ) Konijnenberg
Senior Vice President Interstandard Roaming

GJ is SVP International Roaming for Vodafone Group. A long time member and supporter of MEF, GJ was voted onto the founding board of MEF’s European chapter and appointed Vice-Chairman in 2007.

He subsequently served as Chairman of the expanded EMEA board from 2009-2011 where he oversaw the co-founding of MEF’s Middle East office by the Ooredoo Group (formerly known as Qtel Group). As MEF Special Advisor to the Global Board, GJ will continue to support MEF’s expanding activities into new regions.

Prins pic

Prins Mhlanga
MEF Special Advisor

Prins is a Special Advisor to the Global Board to support regional expansion and growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, following the launch of the MEF Africa Office in 2012.
Former Managing Executive of Digital Media at Vodacom South Africa he was instrumental in driving Vodacom's mobile convergence agenda including digital media, the mobile Internet, content and entertainment, as well as payments. His experience boasts depth and breadth - working in divisions as diverse as pre-paid phones; managing the implementation of Vodacom's license conditions, through to mobile advertising and value-added services, he has extensive knowledge of the wireless application service provider model and app store model.


Saleem Mobhani
MEF Special Advisor

Saleem has been appointed as Special Advisor to support MEF’s strategic growth and initiatives in the Middle East and India. He brings a wide-ranging mobile expertise in the regions as former VP Digital Marketing & Entertainment at Du in the Middle East and as SVP and Head of mEntertainment at Bharti Airtel, India. Saleem was also formerly COO at India's largest content aggregator Hungama Mobile from 2006 to 2009.


Ingrid Silver

Ingrid Silver is a partner at global law firm Dentons. She specialises in digital media and works with a large range of clients in the mobile entertainment ecosystem. She has served two terms on the global board of MEF.

During that time, she has led the P&I Committee, delivered numerous member briefings on regulatory issues, hosted several events at her firm's offices around the world (including Dubai, Paris and Moscow) and represented MEF in the course of numerous speaking engagements such as MIPCOM. Given her involvement over the past 5 years, her appointment has provided continued valuable support to the P&I Committee and the board.


Roy Vella
Managing Director
Vella Ventures Ltd.

Roy is a mobile financial services expert, advisor and consultant with a successful track record of creating, planning, managing and operating new digital services across multiple international markets. A top-level strategist, Roy has played a key role in the development of mobile policies for a diverse array of clients large and small including Visa, Mastercard, Vodafone, PayPal and RBS amongst many others.

Roy has a JD from Stanford University Law School and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Roy will bring his extensive knowledge to bear on defining MEF’s EMEA M-Commerce initiative and strategies.