MEF N America

The N America division of MEF was conceived in April 2002 to empower the entertainment industry and all relevant players to identify the best technology, legal content usage protocols and demonstrable revenue opportunities for fulfilling the promise of the growing mobile market. The founding board included EMI, Moderati, AG Interactive, QPass, Warner Music Group and Qualcomm and was led by Ralph Simon.

MEF N America has established itself as a thought leader at entertainment and technology conferences, such as CTIA, Digital Hollywood, NATPE and others, by co-programming panel tracks on mobile industry trends. Invitation-only events, such as the networking party at CTIA IT & Wireless 2006, bring together the “who’s who” of mobile and entertainment in an exclusive, informal setting.

Moving forward, the Los Angeles-based division is turning an eye towards regional issues as they arise in the marketplace and in government. Child protection, content advisory labels and copyright protection are all matters central to Hollywood and critical to successfully adopting entertainment to the mobile platform. MEF N America works closely with major entertainment trade associations RIAA, AFI and MPAA and technology-focused groups DiMA and the Digital Watermarking Alliance to lend support on mutual concerns and unify both industries.

MEF N America has localized and is leading key initiatives. The Ad-Funded Mobile Entertainment Initiative produced a VIP panel event at Digital Hollywood Santa Monica and is working to conduct a case study of the viability and consumer acceptance of content funded wholly or in part by advertising. The Education Initiative specializes in producing events that increase the traditional entertainment industry’s understanding of the mobile platform.

The diversity of companies represented on the MEF N America board reflects the membership at large and places the N America division at an advantage to address the concerns of all constituents. Through initiatives, policy and events, MEF N America continues to bridge the divide between traditional entertainment companies and the leaders in the mobile industry who will help shape their future.